Hi, I have a business idea, but it requires website development as its main activities. I have looked into some website development agencies to develop my website. Now, I am not sure which one of them suit my business idea the best. Please assist me to realise my dream.
Startup Website Development Interactive website

Heya Farhan! Congrats on taking the first step towards your dream!

Before you go to a website development agency, you need to know the goal of a website you're building. While these fellas can build the website for you, the direction and goal needs to come from you.

Here are some helpful questions to frame your objective:
- Is your website a digital brochure?
- Do you plan to sell anything on the website?
- Are your products tangible or intangible?
- Do you need a payment gateway to receive payments?
- Will you be providing articles/blog on the website?
- What CTAs (call-to-actions) are important for you?
- Do you need user sign-ups?

There are a lot of general questions that you need to answer first in order to move on to the next step to build an effective website. Maybe it would be best if you can elaborate further in order for us to help you out?