What should I do after my graduation? I am currently 22 years old, and I am confused whether to pursue a master’s degree or get a job in the business field.
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In my opinion, it's best to have some working experience when you doing your MBA. You can do it after working for 2-3 years. It will give you more insights on what to write. MBA is no longer theory but it's also application. Having working experience can give you a better grip on the subjects and you will be able to narrate your experience to match relevant theories.
To me, your understanding will be better when you have a few years of working experience.

Hi I don’t know what field you have graduated in, however to answer your query of whether you should work first (does not matter which field) or continue your masters, I would suggest that you must work first atleast for 1 year as this will help you
• see the gap between book knowledge to actually putting that knowledge in action.
• Realize if the field you studied is the field that you actually want to pursue as your career. This is not too late to change and you can choose your masters wisely.
• Choose your filed of study. Now a days with micro specializations available at masters level by working you can actually choose what specialization you want.
Referring to my case I did electronics in my degree level but when I started working I realized that that is not my passion and now I have done my ACCA and I am an accountant.

Honestly speaking, don't be so hard on yourself. Not many 22 years old out there actually knows what they are doing even though they claim to know what they do. That's just life and always remember its a journey. Enjoy every single process of making mistakes, failing, and more importantly learning.

Going back to your question, I would highly suggest you to work for a few years prior getting your master's degree. With your years of experience and master's degree, then be able to add more value for your next job/career path. I have close friends who immediately jumped into the masters path and only be disappointed that their paper qualification doesn't match their expected salary because they thought 'master's' would be able to help them to get at least at RM 4,000 and above.

I hope you've landed a job since the last comment thread was posted! Anyhow, I think it's also worth mentioning that you should make some time to pursue online courses that are available, Coursera, EdX, MIT and others. All the best!