Hello, I have a question regarding job-seeking. I'm about to graduate in this coming October 2020 and my internship will end in June. Basically I'm left with internship and I'm free to apply for jobs after my internship. Thus I would like to know what are some of your tips to prep myself in seeking for jobs so I won't be rushing to apply at the last minute? Thank you!
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4 months ago

Hey Umar! Welcome to the community. :)

Here are some advice that I would give personally based on my experience. FYI, it involves asking yourself some questions ;)
1. What industries are you interested in?
If you don't really have a clue yet, then reverse engineer it and ask yourself -> What industries are you *not* interested in? Knowing what you don't like helps you to narrow down to figuring out what you may actually like. So, experiment with this exercise, map it out and see what is the outcome.

2. What are your main motivators? Is it job fulfillment? Is it monetary? Is it work life balance? Or is it a mixed?
Knowing your main motivators will help you to identify what types of organizations you'd likely want to work with. You can also approach people who are working in your targeted organizations and ask them targeted questions (based on your motivators...) about how is it like working there. Example questions could include "how is the culture there?", "how are the leaders in the organization?", "do you like what you are doing?", "would you recommend this organization to a freshie like me?", "is the salary good there?", ...

3. Do homework on the most commonly asked questions during an interview, so that you are prepared.
Every first question typically starts with "Tell me about yourself", so practice this part well so that you can make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

4. Be prepared to take an informed decision when you have multiple offers in the pipeline
If you apply to 20 organizations at the same time, chances are you will hear back from maybe 15% of them. Have a template of decision making ready, so that you are mentally prepared to evaluate the offers and decide which is the best offer to take.