what should youngsters do nowadays (besides studies) to meet the high expectations from the industries? Any particular competencies or experiences?

Internship is a very good option as it will get you ready with knowledge in the industry your seeking and when applying for any company you will ready and more confident in your self and what you can offer.

Hi Alexander, Petrosains recently produced a podcast series called "Generation: Future Ready", to discuss on the skills, challenges and opportunities to face a disruptive future for youths today. I think episode 5 - 12 might be useful for you as we discuss the themes of Industry 4.0 and Emerging Jobs of Tomorrow.

You can also search for the podcast on Spotify via KDU Campus Radio channel. Hope you enjoy your listens and find gems!

People skills are vital for any profession. Good communication, with ability to sell with emotional intelligence & ability to solve problems individually & in teams are transferable skills that will help any profession.