What are the top 5 things that you would tell to your younger self (20s)?

Hi Michelle , I only have 2 things to tell myself if i would be able to time machine myself back . Some might find them controversial.. but thats just me.

1.Spend and buy all the shit you want, don't bother "saving" & "investing" . Get over the need of "owning" as early as possible so you can transition to the next phase faster .

*next phase: Spend and invest in Wisdom , not possessions . However, its near impossible for our culture to jump that step and go straight to wisdom. We need to experience the emptiness it comes along.

2. Jump off the cliff first, then only build/find your parachute . Don't bother validating your ideas, validation is a data set you provide to people who don't believe in you. If you believe its do-able, just bloody do it. You'll figure it out along the way.

Hey Michelle,

Thanks for the question, its always nice to reflect and think what I would tell myself when I was in my 20s (Saying that I am only 29.. turning 30 this year though : (

Top 5 things I would tell myself

1. Build genuine relationships
2. You can do whatever you want in life as long as you`re willing to put in the work
3. Knowing what you dont like is equally as finding out what you like
4. You will get what you need, not what you want
5. Focus is pointless without discipline

This question by Michelle got me to revisit my years as a junior exec in a corporate company. A goal-orientated person, I was probably setting the benchmark too high and being too "serious" to myself then.

Five things I’d have told my younger self:

1. It’s okay if you don’t get it all.
You might not be able to get it all at once. And that’s okay.
Work on it over time. You will somehow make it, so long as you don’t give up on yourself.

2. Do not compare.
Build on what you have.

3. Faith, family, friend.
Fame might be flattering, but the greater blessings that a person could ever have are the faith in God, a supportive family and genuine friends who are there for you even when the world turns against you.

4. Laugh more.
It’s good for the heart.
It resets the way you handle things.

5. Pick your battle.
You do not need to win each time.

Hope it helps.

Hey Michelle,

I wrote about it quite some time back and hopefully its still relevant for you.

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Travel more, don't take life so seriously, study & pursue your passions outside of the taught syllabus, keep moving out of your comfort zone, spend more time with loved ones.