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Hi John,

From a Talent Acquisition perspective, we would not want to see all the other unnecessary personal details like Race, Religion, etc.

What you need to focus on for Personal Details would only be these few items:
- Full Name
- E-mail address
- Contact Number
- LinkedIn account link (if you have)

On Objective / Summary , please do not follow the normal standard snippets. Craft your own stand which totally represents you genuinely in the sense of what you are passionate to work on.

Some of these other points I would also find it irrelevant:
- Candidates stating their coffee barista experiences.
- PMR / SPM / STPM gradings (just put your latest highest education would do).
- All other clubs/societies participation back in secondary school days.

Perhaps you can share over to me your most recently updated CV/resume and then I give you a better comment? Hope this 2 cents of mine helps nonetheless! :)


11 months ago

Hey John,

Perhaps you might wanna check out one of my articles I wrote quite some time back. Hopefully it's still relevant for you.