Hi for one who doesn't have a degree cert (dropped out from university) but went to Next Academy and get the quantum degree certificate by Next Academy, may I know does that acceptable by the employers nowadays?

Hey Celeste,

I can only speak for FutureLab but when we are assessing candidates we tend not to look at their degree, instead we are very interested in their relevant skill sets for the role that we are hiring for. It is also important that the candidate is able to demonstrate their ability to use these skills in an internship, side project or previous job. Startups / SMEs are generally more open to candidates without a degree - larger multinational companies tend to have a criteria that candidates need to hit for example having a specific degree and meeting a certain grade criteria before they look at your CV

Hi Celeste,
Just to share in our Company, formal qualification is good but not a mandatory requirements. We do hire people without a formal degree but having some sets of important credentials like integrity, social skills,great attitude etc as we believe skills and knowledge can be learned a long the ways.