When is the right time to register your startup, is it during market validation stage, MVP stage or at further stage? My second question is what are the most important elements that is a must have in a co-founders agreement?
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Based on my experience with FutureLab - I would recommend only registering a company after you have built the MVP/Product and it is ready to make money i.e. you are about to open a bank account. We set up our company 3 years before we opened a bank account which meant that we were paying for auditors and tax agents for a dormant company (wasted money)

About the co-founders agreement - I am not the right person to help you with this since we dont have a co-founders agreement for FutureLab. I launched FutureLab with my childhood friends Fung Wei (Also the CTO & Co-founder of GoGet.my) and Clarissa now the regional CSR manager of Grab.