What were the biggest challenges you faced when you first entered the workforce?

Hi Greg, My biggest challenge when I first entered the workforce is myself. I used to have a huge ego & bad working attitude towards approaching my job. Of course it got toned down after I faced to reality of job. My advise to you is, be humble & be open to learn new things in life. Don’t be afraid to make any mistake. Even if you make mistake, don’t be afraid to face it. Most important of all, ASK. Ask anything & everything that relates to your job.

Hey Greg,

Good question - for me it was information overload and trying to remember everyone's name as early as possible. When you join a certain workplace especially in a corporate environment, depending on the role - you will need to digest a lot of information especially on processes/systems/SOPs etc and get up to speed with that. I overcome those by giving myself time to adapt and breaking down those information into more manageable pieces.

I would also recommend prior to joining any workforce - you get a bit more clarity on your own personality and which career paths that suits you the most so you'd enjoy the role a bit more. You can do simple personality tests at https://www.16personalities.com/ or https://good.co/ and you'd get a lot of insights into which roles that'd be most suitable to you.

All the best!

Hi Greg,
My biggest challenges was to understand their work culture and systems. I took me sometimes to learn their culture as when I asked my former COO, he told me frankly "I don't Know". We need to adapt to the new company work culture to accommodate to our new workplace. The ability to learn fast and observe fast will help.

In my opinion biggest challenge would be the culture of the organisation and information overloaded. Information can be divided between internal info and external info. Before joining the org, please get some info or write up on the org/dept/areas that you will be joining. And a good advised given to me for my !st job in Malaysia by the Chairman was, 'God gives you 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth. therefore, please use your eyes and your ears more than your mouth in learning new things in life.'

My biggest challenge would be the sheer amount of work that came along with being a startup founder. There were definitely days where my mind, body or both would tell me to give up. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I love what I am doing. Waking up to ensure clients are happy and operations are running smoothly is what keeps me going day in day out.

My biggest challenge when starting out was to wake up early, and get to work on time. This may sound trivial, but as a new joiner to the workforce you need to be able to sort and manage yourself out as part of the learning process. The second part is to learn how to listen to understand, how to paraphrase, and how to ask questions to get the answers (or direction) to get your work done.

Also how to iron trousers, I still can't get that right until today!